Future Events

The Committee of the Wimbledon Philosophical Society is working on future events with local potential speakers, authors, and poets.

  • September 2022 – Monday 26th at 7pm at Wimbledon Village Hall  – Christian Michel on the topic of Eurasianism – this is the powerful philosophy followed, for example by Vladimir Putin, as an alternative to the usual western narrative of personal liberty, individual freedom and democracy as the only way forward for a civilised, prosperous and successful society. Christian leads the Cafe Philo discussions at the French Institute in South Kensington and is a well known speaker on Philosophy and Economics.
  • Sunday October 23rd 2022 at 5pm – WPS AGM to be held this year at the site of the Buddhapadipa Buddhist Temple in Calonne Road SW19. The WPS AGM will take place at 5.30pm and then at 6pm we will hear from resident monk Ven. Piyobhaso on the subject of Buddhism and Buddhist Philosophy for around 45 minutes followed by questions concluding around 7pm. Members will have the opportunity before the meeting to visit the temple and the extensive grounds.